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Goals and Needs

The client needed to plan a vital store manager meeting, within which it wanted to create a network among the participants but most of all it wanted to convey the company’s values and the brand’s principles.
NuArt backed the organisation of the event by working on the event concept and the entertainment, taking care of the concept and cooperating with the agency and the involved partners to ensure the event’s success.


Arsenale Nord,

The choice of the location fell on a unique and magical space: the Arsenale Nord in Venice. It is at the ends of the historic centre of the world’s most beautiful city and it once was the seat of the Arsenal of Venice. In the past, the fastest and best-performing commercial vessels and warships in the world were produced in the large, historic warehouses of the Arsenal, called “tese”.
Nowadays, these wide spaces are used to host art exhibitions and exclusive events.

Dividing up the spaces

One of the most critical tasks assigned to NuArt was the conscious handling of the spaces and especially the need to create a dynamic event, focused within a single, wide facility.

The successful choice was dividing up the spaces in a mindful way, creating a unique experience for the guest. Each moment of the night is paired with a set space, especially for the first part of the event.

The first part of the event, the Welcome & Ambient, took place in the first area of the “tesa”, which is the area highlighted in red.

As a matter of fact, the facility designated for the interactive photobooth divides the first part of the event from the Dinner Show, which was carried out in the area highlighted in yellow.

Finally, the after dinner and the DJ-set took place back in the first area of the “tesa”, which was completely restaged and transformed into a dancefloor with an open bar.



The saxophone players introduced the event playing directly from the Interactive Photobooth: the guests could sit next to the saxophonists, in front of a yellow wall with different kinds of frames as decoration, and they were able to take funny pictures with them.
The introduction of the event represented a very strong moment in the emotional rhythm: cuts on the yellow walls revealed some body-painted hands. The sound of the drums became prominent and supported a powerful moment with a coordinated choreography.

Dinner Show

The band was the catalysing element of the whole dinner. However, live music had different souls, impersonated by three different singers: blues, jazz and contemporary pop melted together into a soundtrack that accompanied the guests during the dinner and entertained them during pauses.
A visually-impacting interlude contributed to the success of this part of the concept: the entrance of 6 performers in the designated seats in front of the stage anticipated a performance moment, in which their turbans turned into an original theatrical element.

Dj Set

The ending of the night took place in the spaces previously used as Welcome & Ambient: the DJ-set brought to life a dancefloor where the guests were able to enjoy the after-dinner with an open bar.



Dinner Show

Dj set

Band Performance

Serial Dancer

Drummer Performance

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